HALLOWEEN-best or worst holiday?

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

Halloween comes around every October. It's the one holiday I dread every year. Why? Because of all the candy. Sugar does not mix well in my house and they always get candy from school, trick or treating, trunk or treating and any other activities we might do. And then it gets hidden away and given piece by piece over the next year in small proportions. My husband on the other hand loves Halloween... Why? Because he and the kids all get dressed up and go out trick or treating and have fun. This year was our first year in about 3 years that Stephen has been home for Halloween. The previous years he was away on training for the military usually on the boat doing drills for upcoming deployments. But this year, he got to dress up with the kids. This year was Joseph's first real Halloween and he got to be a dragon and a puppy depending on his mood lol. The older boys were ninjas including Stephen and the girls were princess Poppy and princess Elena. Maybe next year we will be able to do a family themed Halloween.


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