Life Doesn't Come with a Manual. It comes with a Mother

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

The journey between mother and child begins before baby is born. It begins in those first moments of creation and continues for eternity. There is a huge bond between a mother and child and especially when they are young, that child looks to their mother for life, for knowledge, and for nourishment. This weekend, I got to capture a mommy and me session. As a mother myself, I am usually the one behind the camera and that was the same for this mom. She wanted to capture those daily moments that might not be captured otherwise.

Holding hands, singing songs, playing games, special moments that are normally not caught on camera are what I was able to capture this weekend. Moments that when little O is older, mom can look back at and moments little O can look back on when she is older or a mom herself.

Thank you L and O for letting me capture these special moments for you.


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